This year in Prep our students will be provided with a warm, inviting and stimulating learning environment. With support and encouragement our students investigate, explore and challenge themselves throughout their learning journey. Further to this all learning tasks will be differentiated and personalised in order to meet our students' individual needs.

Developmental Learning will continue to run throughout 2019 and students will participate in 'Investigations' four times a week. This time is crucial for all learners as it provides the opportunity to build relationships, oral language and co-operation skills via work stations that are based on the current learning intentions. This time will also provide the 'spring board' needed to launch into our key learning areas such as reading, writing, numeracy and social and emotional wellbeing.

Students will also attend the following specialists subjects on a weekly basis; Physical Education, Science, Art and Music. Classroom teachers run a session each week that cover library and ICT.

We look forward to a fantastic year in Prep and welcome parents, family and friends to visit our classrooms and assist where possible.

Prep Team

Linda Berndt, Hannah Findlay and Nova Riordan