“Inquiry-based learning is an umbrella term, encompassing a range of teaching approaches which involve stimulating learning with a question or issue and thereby engaging learners in constructing new knowledge and understandings.”

The various teaching strategies we use as part of this learning : Blooms taxonomy, Habits of Mind – multiple entry points for students, Multiple Intelligences – develop all intelligences in students, reflective tasks – metacognition (thinking about their thinking) using thinking tools when problem solving and creating, co-operative learning, guided inquiry – student generated questions.


Our reading program incorporates developing decoding and comprehension skills. Students meet with their classroom teacher for reading conferences, receive feedback on their progress and develop personal learning goals. Each classroom has 'classroom libraries' that are guided by student interest and learning topics. Students have individual book boxes which they select a range of book with a variety of genres to consolidate and stretch their knowledge.


Students use the '7 steps to writing' to develop a knowledge and hone their skills with the structure of writing. They are able to use their extensive creative skills during independent writing sessions  to create exceptional writing pieces. During the independent writing sessions, students engage in writing conferences to work 1:1 with their teacher to reflect on their personal progress, receive feedback and set personalised learning goals.  They also have a weekly focus on grammar as well as a handwriting lesson.


Students are learning to apply their knowledge of mathematical concepts through the use of a variety of problem solving strategies. The language of mathematics is highlighted in each learning unit to ensure that students have a good understanding of key mathematical terms. Differentiated learning occurs in each lesson and through workshops at the end of each unit to target students at
their point of need.

CAMPS - The Briars (Grade 3) and Urban Camp (Grade 4).

EXCURSIONS – Each term an excursion or incursion is planned that connects with our focus topic to deepen and extend student learning.

3 / 4 Team

Captyn Dowell, Kiah Fry, Meija Wood, Alecia Polizzi & Colleen Carter