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Your Team of Teachers for 2018 are:

Colleen Carter, Lauren Eagles, Anthony Smith and Emily Micari


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Reading : Students will be working on different comprehension strategies through directed guided reading activities. Students have identified strategies in which they need to consolidate their reading skills and are beginning to set personal learning goals. Students will also be using the online reading program Read Theory.

Writing :  Students are using the Seven Steps to Writing Success and VCOP to help develop their writing pieces. Students are given the opportunity to write with a directed focus whilst also being given opportunities to create pieces of their chose that they are passionate about.

Mathematics :  Throughout the year, students will participate in project based activities in Mathematics, investigating and solving problems using measurement, geometry, statistics and probability. We endeavor to use authentic tasks to engage students, such as measuring their heart rates or recording distances run etc.


If you have not given us your email address please see your child's classroom teacher.


Thank you


Grade 5/6 Team

Colleen Carter, Lauren Eagles, Anthony Smith and Emily Micari


What is V.C.O.P?

VCOP are the four core targets we use to teach writing. The letters stand for:






In this area we promote the use of "WOW" words in their writing. These are words which are ambitious for the children to use. We encourage the children to look for WOW words in their reading of texts, (for example, reading books/ novels read at home) and we also highlight the fact that WOW words can be found in conversations (for example, on TV or with friends and/or family).


Connectives make sentences longer because they join pieces of information together. The children are aware that there are different levels of connectives; therefore they are able to develop their writing appropriately. We ask the children to use connectives at the beginning of sentences so they can be used as sentence openers too.


There are different ways of opening sentences. Younger children will use words like I / Then/ They. We want to encourage the children to think of other words to use. Older children will be introduced to Power Openers. Here we ask the children to use connectives to start sentences. We would develop their skills by showing them how to use words ending with ly, ing or ed.

(For example; Amazingly, John was happy to get on with his work.)


We show the children different forms of punctuation and give them examples of how to use them.


For homework this year we expect all students to be reading at least 20 minutes every night. If Internet access is available at home, we encourage students to utilize Mathletics and Read Theory as often as possible. Students have been asked to write their nightly reading into their diary and students are expected to bring their diary to school every day.

Outline of our Inquiry Units

Students need to be able to think deeply with factual knowledge and concepts to communicate ideas and solve problems, transferring knowledge across distinct global contexts and situations, and seeing patterns and connections between concepts, ideas and situations. This is at the heart of concept-based teaching and learning.



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