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In Grade1/2 we are busy with investigations. We are making robots, maps, books, following recipes, making lists, planting, letter writing and learning about science.

We are learning about respect and getting along with others.

We are learning about counting, telling the time, the days of the week and months of the year. We are collecting data and placing into graphs.

In writing we are learning about recounts and how to start our writing using interesting beginnings. We are concentrating on using punctuation in our writing attempts.

We are learning to connect our sentences together. In reading we are learning how to sequence stories. We are learning to identify interesting words (WOW words). We are trying to build up our learning stamina.

1 / 2 Team

Sandi Emile, Caitlin Beattie, Chantal Bradley, Lynn Leeder, Narelle Paffett and Nat Parker


April 2016

June 2017