Our School

Our beautiful school is nestled between the Rye Back Beach and our picturesque Bay. Located on a quiet street adds to our ability to keep our students safe.

Whilst having a strong emphasis on the core business of education, we balance this will with developing a well-rounded child and student. To do this we maximise our local environment with excursions and studies and offer a broad range of experiences.

We currently have specialist teachers in library, music, art and physical education.

Often throughout the week we have the luxury of hearing a range of musical instruments being played when a number of our instrumental teachers visit to take individual lessons.

Our newly developed computer lab and various banks of new technologies for classrooms reflect our commitment to providing a contemporary curriculum.

When you walk into our Prep and Grade One/Two rooms, they may look a little different to what you are use to. We have a strong emphasis on the Walker Learning Model that emphasises developmental learning and investigations. It is wonderful to see the student engagement and enthusiasm for learning when you walk into these rooms or any room across the school for that matter.

We are a Lighthouse school for implementing the social emotional and learning skills program Second Step. This explicitly teaches students the skills of respect, empathy, learning skills, decision making and problem solving skills.

A number of community based organisations utilise our grounds after school which is a great way for both parents and students to continue to develop their friendships. These include netball, karate, Active after school program and of course, our wonderful Before School Care, After School Care and Holiday Program which is run by Camp Australia.

We strongly encourage parental involvement in classroom helpers, Parent and Friends Association and School Council. We see our parents as our partners in our student’s education and value parental input.

We encourage our students to make the most of their local community and to assist in this, we have

  • Excursions to the beach for environmental studies and beach safety
  • Involvement with the Save the Plover Nests at the back beach organisation
  • Innovative yachting program with the Rye Yacht Club
  • Strong community connections with the Rye Historical Society
  • Sealing the Loop program

Just to name a few.

If you would like to come and see us in action, please don't hesitate to ring the school. We would love to meet you.